@Max SyncUp 2.9

@Max SyncUp is a feature-rich utility for backing up and synchronizing your files whether locally or online. It is the easiest way to back up and restore important files or keep your documents up to date on your desktop and laptop computers.
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Make a portable version that I can install on my usb drive, so I can run the program directly off of the drive I want to sync to.

Laurel, 08.08.2012, 07:02
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Detect renamed/moved files

When a file is renamed of moved to another directory, the sync will delete the existing file in the destination and copy the renamed/moved file again. Renaming/moving the existing file in the destination would be much faster, especially for big...
Echo From Space, 08.08.2012, 08:47
24 votes Vote

Use Windows Shadow Copy Service to backup in use files

Windows Backup uses windows shadow copy service to get files that are in use. This is especially useful for backing up Quickbooks or Microsoft Office Documents that are in use.
richz, 08.08.2012, 07:44
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18 votes Vote

Add support for mobile platforms, please.

Like Google Android, etc.
Behemot, 08.08.2012, 07:08
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Portable version not necessary for this app. In any case, for those who are concerned about 'spoiling' their Registry, there are utilities they can use to create portable versions. Of course one wouldn't suspect those who demand portable versions of

BenAsp, 08.08.2012, 10:44
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Support mobile devices

There are many mobile devices around (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, ...) which do not have adequate backup software. @Max SyncUp would be a great solution to back up the files on the device to a PC
KStock, 08.08.2012, 07:45
10 votes Vote

Add desktop shortcut during installation

blea101, 08.08.2012, 08:13
9 votes Vote

Do make your software more easy to use and less confusing.

Micke, 08.08.2012, 08:58
7 votes Vote

backing up and synchronizing files between Laptop's directly without technical knowledge to setup a WLAN network first for novice user (Just install on each machine and transfer files)

devcih, 08.08.2012, 07:40
7 votes Vote

reduce its price to a reasonable price

dilshad, 08.08.2012, 10:07
7 votes Vote

...get some more info about your company on your homepage. Before I buy something I like to have some more info without having to ask "WhoIs". At least you don't hide behind an anonyme registration. An email address only isn't sufficiant. Thank you.

graylox, 08.08.2012, 10:13
7 votes Vote

add Dropbox, Skydrive, YandexDisk, Mediafire support (google drive already supported)

maynak00, 08.08.2012, 12:30
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It's good to be able to right click on a directory to sync it, but it would be so much better if after going through the process, you could then save it to a profile for future sync.

Janice L'Amoreaux, 09.08.2012, 02:57
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Let the software detect previously set up usb drives automatically and synch automatically. Just like the iTunes synching the iPhones once they are plugged in. Thanks for your efforts. Cheers from Australia

mini cooper, 09.08.2012, 03:56
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