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Portable version not necessary for this app. In any case, for those who are concerned about 'spoiling' their Registry, there are utilities they can use to create portable versions. Of course one wouldn't suspect those who demand portable versions of

BenAsp , 08.08.2012, 10:44
Idea status: under consideration


anudamiana, 08.08.2012, 14:21
Not everyone who's adventurous enough to 'try on' wading through a new software experience out of the blue...is formally trained/educated -or even comfortable enough in general- to make any mods/tweaks to reg files and the like. I'm pretty sure that it is relatively safe for me to make a generalized statement phrased something like this: For the most part, people choose a program to try /research /purchase /install software based on its current line of functioning and how said functioning fits within the needs/desires of the consumer. I can't wait to see what adjustments this vendor comes up with in response to a very reasonable request from a customer for a portable version.

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